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Fractal Music Create your own sounds from Discovery online! 


  1. Search Find a song in MIDI!
  2. MIDI Ring
  3. MIDI Composers' Ring A ring for those who create MIDIs!
  4. Internet MIDI site listing!
  5. Standard MIDI Files on the Net A HUGE list!
  6. United Networks Live MIDI Radio/Guide Just try it!
  7. Gary's Room "Big 80's" MIDI Archive
  8. DAVE'S MIDIS for WebTV Lots of hard to find MIDIS!
  1. The MOD Ring
  1. Wav Central Sound clips galore!
  2. The Wav Jumpgate All kinds of wav sites!
  3. The Movie Sounds Page Movie sounds!
  4. Cartoon Sounds Wavs from cartoons!
  5. Webfriends' Sitcom Wavs Themes from situation comedies!
  1. ASSISTIVE MEDIA Helping the blind with RealAudio!
  2. RealGuide Official listing of RealAudioŽ sites!
  3. An incredibly cool place for singles!
  4. radio80s Wanna relive the 80s? Listen to the music!
  6. NetRadio Network
  7. RadioTower
  8. Live radio from around the world
  9. Premiere Radio Networks Online
  10. BRS Web Radio
  11. The REBEL RADIO Network
  12. HardRadio
  13. Pseudo
  14. Music Previews Network
  15. Veronica Top100 Countdown Full songs in the Top 100!
  16. Kiwi's Real Audio Server Singles and stuff!
  17. Reel Top 40 Radio Repository Airchecks of classic top 40 radio!
  18. El Nuevo Siglo Tejano on the web!
  19. --RADIO FREE UNDERGROUND-- Dance music!
  20. What it says!