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CDNow Lexicon

Make Your Own CD

  1. GEMM Allows you to find music from many on-line stores!
  2. Bargain Finder Helps you find lower music prices (see links)
  3. CD Club BMG, CDHQ, and Columbia House together!
  4. PLAY An easier version of Columbia House!
  5. Internet Music Resource Guide: Shops Another list!
  6. Cheap-CDs Hey, they say they're cheap!
  7. Razor & Tie As seen on TV!
  8. Mystic Music As seen on TV II!
  9. K-TEL Express As seen on TV III!
  10. RHINO My favorites!
  11. Music Boulevard A VERY popular site!
  12. Minstrel Music A great CD site
  13. Goldmine Online (records and CDs)
  14. Esprit International Limited (more CDs)
  15. 1-800-EVERY-CD Claims to have every CD in print!
  16. Mass Music Over 185,000 items!
  17. Music Previews Network Listen before you buy!
  18. HEMISPHERE Alternative music
  19. Morninglory Online
  20. Cellophane Square More used CDs!
  21. The roadmap to great music!
  22. Crosswalk Music Channel Christian music!
  23. YourCDs A place to sell your old CDs!
  24. Cash For CDs Another place to sell YOUR CDs!
  25. Millennium Music A favorite local store
  26. Camelot Music From the mall to your home!
  27. Tower Records Also from the mall!
  28. Forever Vinyl Buy your albums on vinyl!
M Make Your Own CD
  1. Musicmaker
  2. CDuctive
  3. superSonicBOOM
  6. Volatile Music's