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  1. The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass (Rick Goldschmidt) The story of the creators of such seminal Christmas classics as "Rudolph.." and "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town"!

  2. Jim Henson: The Works (Christopher Finch) Everything you need to know about the creator of the Muppets!

  3. The First 20 Years of Monty Python (Kim "Howard" Johnson) The history of this British comedy troupe together!

  4. Life Before and After Monty Python (Kim "Howard" Johnson) The history of this British comedy troupe apart!

  5. The Twilight Zone Companion (Marc Scott Zircree) You are entering another dimension of television story-telling. A behind the scenes look into the mind of Rod Serling!

  6. The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier (Patrick J. White) Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to buy this excellent book on a favorite TV spy series. This review will self destruct in 10 seconds. Good luck...

  7. The Dick Van Dyke Show (Ginn Weissman, Coyne Steven Sanders) This is how to make a hit show!

  8. Nick at Nite's Classic TV Companion (Tom Hill, edt.) A guide to quite a few shows seen on the late night cable oldies station!

  9. The Complete Book of M*A*S*H (Suzy Kalter) A terrfic overview of the best series that was ever on TV! Not as much detail as I would like, but an excellent read.

  10. The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family (Matt Groening) Everything you wanted to know about the longest lasting prime time cartoon!

  11. The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice! (Greg Hyland) SPOON! Beware, evildoers! This is the life of The City's most well known hero, in his own words! KEEN!

    Babylon 5:


    By Jand Killick:

  1. Signs and Portents (season 1)

  2. The Coming of Shadows (Season 2)

  3. Point of No Return (Season 3)

  4. No Surrender, No Retreat (Season 4)

  5. The Wheel of Fire (Season 5)

    By Andy Lane:

  6. The Babyon File (Unauthorized)

  7. The Babylon File (Vol. 2)

    By David Bassom:

  8. The A-Z Guide to Babylon 5

  9. Creating Babylon 5


  10. Dark Genesis: The Birth of Psi Corps (J. Gregory Keyes)

  11. In the Begining (Peter David)

  12. To Dream in the City of Sorrows (Kathryn Drennan)

  13. Third Space (Peter David)

  14. River of Souls (Yvonne Navarro)