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( 1999 REJ2)

She told me that she'd stay
Now she's gone away
And I'm lost without her
She left without a word
Not a sound I heard
I'm so lost without her

I never thought that she would go
Now all my firends say they told me so

Oh, love is so hard to find
You'll lose your mind
I lost mine without her
She meant the world to me
It was ecstasy
That I lost without her

Is it true? Are we through?
What will it take for me to realize?
That indeed, she did leave
And the truth is right before my eyes

Still, she's the only one for me
Now it's plain to see
That I'm lost without her
I don't know where i stand
I need a hand
I'm so lost without her
I'm so lost without her
I'm lost without her