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( 1997 REJ2)

In my head
Don't know why
I'm not dead
In my bed
Can't cry out
I remember instead

Forced to relive past existence
Losing strength to fight
Images slip through resistance
Misery in black-and-white

Hell and damnation
Are haunting me
But I can't flee
Can I find salvation?
Is there anyone to hear my plea?

Or am I alone for eternity?

Price I paid
Gave my soul for the money I made
But it's all a masquerade
Lost to a bullet's screaming serenade

Hell and damnation
Stared back at me
But I couldn't see
Where is my salvation?
What can I do to be set free?

Do I suffer this silence forever?

A never ending purgatory
Will no one ever hear my story?

Hell and damnation
Are my destiny
No escape for me
There is no salvation
I'm lost to my insanity

Hell and damnation