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  1. Mecklenberg Online A terrific source of information, but it's frames stinks! To break out of the frame, find what you are looking for, the hit your GO TO button, click SHOW LAST, then RETURN (for WebTVers).
  2. Encyberpedia(tm)
  3. Cyber Library A great place for copyright links and other general knowledge
  4. LibrarySpot More general info links!
  5. Research-It! Lots of research tools!
  6. Eric's Treasure Troves of Science Science on the net!
  7. The Straight Dope Find the answers to life's little mysteries!
  8. The Last Word Similar to the above, with a more scientific bent!
  9. How Stuff Works Another similar to the 2 above!
  10. TechEncyclopedia Look up technical terms!
  11. Folklore and Mythology A collection of folktales and their meanings!
  12. Encyclopedia Mythica Myths and legends!
  13. Holidays on the Net Internet info on holidays!
  14. Library of Congress The best!
  15. This is trivia at it's finest!
  16. Urban Legends Reference Page Learn the origins of what you THOUGHT you knew happened!
  17. UFO Foklore! Everything you need to know about UFOs!
  18. The Skeptic's Dictionary The occult as seen through the eyes of unbelievers!
  19. allmagicguide Everything you need to know about stage magic!