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  1. WebRing! Find whatever group of websites you wish!
  2. Snap! NBC's new entertainment portal!
  3. Entertainment Asylum Entertainment information!
  4. Science Fiction Resource Guide Everything science fiction on the net!
  5. Locus Online More sci-fi!
  6. Mystery fiction in every medium from A&E!
  7. Theater Webrings Yes, they even have rings for stage shows.
  8. The latest on Broadway and Off-Broadway!
  9. Musicals.Net All about musicals
  10. SCREEN IT! Parental guide to entertainment
  11. The 80's Server My teen decade!
  12. 80s*Net More on this decade!
  13. The Big 80's Continuing with 80's webrings!
  14. The 80s Child Webring Will this ever end?
  15. 70's Flashback Ring
  16. Super Seventies Almanac The decade of my youth!
  17. BAD FADS Relive the hula hoop and Rubik's Cube!
  18. The Dominion The SCI-FI Channel on-line!
  19. E! Online Entertainment is what they know best!
  20. Girls on NETWORK Entertainment reviews from a female perspective!
  21. WCW / WWF A great wrestling site!