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  1. The Great Books You might as well start with the best!
  2. Internet Public Library A great reference source!
  3. BookSpot Great resource!
  4. BookZone Another one!
  5. Project Gutenberg The mother of all on-line book sites!
  6. Bibliomania More books on-line!
  7. Books in Chains Ditto!
  8. Literature @ SunSITE Berkeley University's online literature page!
  9. The Online Book Initiative Books through FTP
  10. Libweb Libraries connected online!
  11. Internet Classics Archive Read classics on-line!
  12. Hypertexted Literary Works A terrific way to read books on-line!
  13. Unofficial Nitpickers' Home Page Pointing out the faults in printed matter!
  14. The SF Site Info on the latest Sci-Fi books!